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Blues and Folk music themed art shirts, depicting musicians Robert Johnson, Son House, Gary Davis, Blind Boy Fuller, Mississippi John Hurt, Blind Willie McTell, Elizabeth Cotton, Lightnin Hopkins, Elmore James, Lonnie Johnson, Hound Dog Taylor and the instruments that they use to make their music. These are the blues artists of lore that shaped much of our current pop, rock n roll, blues, folk  and classic rock music. You’ll find variations of their lyrics or exact replicas of their original lyrics in many of the British Invasion’s hits as well as much of the hits here in America during the 60’s and 70’s. Throughout music history, these artists have proved time and time again that the topics of their songs, the song structure, as well as the vernacular and colorful lyrics used in their songs are irreplaceable.

Son House Blues Guitar Player

Son House

Robert Johnson King of the Delta Blues Singers

Robert Johnson – King of the Delta Blues Singers

Reverend Gary Davis

Reverend Gary Davis

Blind Boy Fuller Blues Guitar Player

Blind Boy Fuller

About Us :

Our clothing apparel line is currently made of 100% cotton t-shirts, with woodcut images (developed by our own professional artist) of Blues, Bluegrass, Country, and Folk Music personalities (Bill Monroe, Maybelle Carter, and Tony Rice) silkscreened on them. We also specialize in screen printed Vintage Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck Catalog advertisements of musical instruments such as guitar (Recording King), guitar strings (Black Diamond Strings), and banjo (Bacon and Day Silver Bell Banjos). Our second production run consists of blues musician images (Blind Boy Fuller, Reverend Gary Davis, Son House, and Robert Johnson) as well as tributes to instruments such as the BlueGrass Mandolin, Les Paul guitars, and Telecaster guitars.

WE ALSO DO CUSTOM APPAREL!! Skillet Licker Designs also has the ability to produce screen printed images on a variety of items for promotional use in fundraisers, businesses, and band merchandise. We have our own “in house” art department or we can take images directly from clients.

Please visit us often, comment and see what’s new at our store.

“There’s always something cookin’ in the skillet!”

Thank you for your patronage.

Skillet Licker Designs

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